Surveillance solutions for Banking opportunity and risk

Every day, Banking enterprise must address risk in two key environments: Branches and ATM’s. Video surveillance serves these two environments in very different ways for the multiple missions of the Banking enterprise.

Beyond just the aspect of security, the mission of the branch is to augment online services with a great customer experience. That brings worthy challenges of its own to address, including operational efficiency and staffing decisions.

In bank branches, with employees and customers present, video surveillance technology is vital in multiple areas – before, during, and after branch business hours: such as Entryways, Teller Counters, and Drive-Thru – all areas that serve the branch customer experience. Risk aspects are a wide range: from compliance and safety of employees to customer slip-and fall claims.

Risks of loss stem from both external threats and internal threats as well, so coverage is needed not only in the main public areas but vault and restricted “employee only areas” as well.

Samsung Techwin video surveillance solutions – for IP network and analog – bring value to both risk and opportunity factors of Banking success, as illustrated in this brochure.

Application Area

application area banking

Entrance / Lobby

Entrance Lobby

ATM Booth

ATM Booth

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Counter / Teller area

Counter Teller area

Vault / Restricted zone

Vault Restricted zone

Local security room

Local security room

Drive-thru / Street ATMs

Drive-thru Street ATMs

Product Selection Guide

Product Selection Guide Banking