Effective Store visibility and information for Retail enterprise

Retail stores, large and small, must drive top-line revenue, while protecting bottom line from loss – all while managing everday issues of staffing, logistics, and merchandising and layout. Loss prevention and asset protection are well established uses of video surveillance in Retail. Video solutions have now also become practical and affordable to inform operations, merchandising, and marketing decisions for store sales and customer experience.

Successful customer visits to Retail stores drive a customer sale and conversion, but also build loyalty and return visits. So the store environment must present effective displays, staff engagement, and layout for customers on the store floor.

Effective retail store visits, as well as customer and employee safety, can be assured in other ways as well – as illustrated in this brochure.

For stores of all kinds, video surveillance brings value to address the common and special solution requirements: from large “big box” and department stores, to small convenience stores, and so many special store types and solution requirements. Samsung Techwin, with its technology ecosystem, offers solutions for Large and Small stores’ requirements, for Large and Small chains.

Application Area

application area

Entrance & Signage

Entrance Signage

Checkout & Service Counter

Ckeck Out Service Counter

Receiving & Store Room

Receiving Store Room

Store Floor

Store floor

Parking Lot

parking lot

Control Center

control center

Product Selection Guide

product selection guide